4 Benefits of Lifting Weights to Lose Weight


At the very outset let’s accept two facts. Almost everyone wants to lose weight and there are hundreds if not thousands of ideas everyone is willing to give about weight loss. There are indeed many ways to lose weight. You can follow a variety of diets, you can also follow a variety of exercise regimes or a combination of both.

However. what we are concerned with is the best. Your body deserves nothing less than the best. Lifting weights is one of the best ways to lose weight. It is also good for your body both in the short and long run. Presenting 4 benefits of lifting weights to lose weight.

4 Benefits of Lifting Weights to Lose Weight

Enhances Metabolic Rate

Metabolic Rate is the key to weight loss. Metabolic rate in simple words is the rate at which your body burn calories and produces energy. Blessed are those few with a naturally high metabolic rate. High metabolism means less fat accumulation. Lifting weights is the best way to increase your metabolic rate.

When one lifts heavy weights it increases the bodies demand for oxygen. As the demand for oxygen keeps rising metabolism gains pace. What’s interesting is that this demand for oxygen is high much after your work out also. Thus burning calories for a longer duration than any other form of exercise would.

Brings Shape to Your Body

Lifting weights not only burns fats it also helps create muscles. Who doesn’t prefer a well-structured and toned body over a lean and lanky one? Lifting weights of course tones up your upper body miraculously and what many don’t know is the magical effect of lifting weights on the stubborn belly fat.

Regular weight lifters will vouch for the fact that lifting weights tones up your abs. So now you know what to do to achieve the dream flat abs.

Increases Endurance Levels

What we are talking about is a long run healthy, fit and lean body. This is strictly not for those freaks who want to lose weight super-fast but are unaware of the repercussions that will lead to super-fast weight gain too. When you develop a work out regime which includes four days of lifting weights you are preparing your body for faster weight loss, muscle building and also greater strength, agility and endurance.

As your endurance increases you ensure that you can lift greater weights gradually and also indulge in other work outs in an enhanced manner. For example if you have combined 4 days of weight lifting with 2 days of cardio, then with this increased endurance you will find yourself on the treadmill for 50 comfortable minutes than the previous 30. Thus ensuring further weight loss!

Psychological Effects

Your thinking plays a vital role in pacing up your weight loss. People tend to become disheartened way too soon. However working on weight lifting gives women a sense of inner satisfaction and pleasure. It creates a confidence like never before.

The simultaneous strength gain, weight loss, flats abs, toned muscles etc works wonders on the mind. It gives you the zeal to keep going and burning all those extra calories. This new found confidence with lifting weights has induced many woman to lose weight in a faster and healthier manner.


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