4 Ways To Reduce Thunder Thighs


Thunder thighs! Sounds frightening. But most women know what it means to have thunder thighs. Middle aged women are more prone to gain weight on their thighs, giving them a pear shaped body. This type of figure has its own limitations; you cannot wear short dresses, a swimsuit or figure hugging dresses.

In majority of cases, you can reduce thunder thighs by following certain exercises that are designed to target inner and outer thighs. Regular practice of these exercises will make your thighs slim and shapely that you would be proud of. A word of caution, if you are a beginner then go slow and do not try to achieve the results in one day.

Prepare your body for more vigorous routine by warming up for a few minutes before starting your exercises and then cooling down for a few minutes afterwards.

How To Reduce Thunder Thighs

Exercise to Reduce Inner Thighs (1)

Lie down on your right side. Place your right hand under the head and place your left hand behind the back. Raise your left leg slowly as high as you can. In the beginning you may not be able to lift it too high but gradually you can raise it up to 90 degree angle. Hold the toe with your left hand and hold for 5 seconds. Lower the leg and repeat 5 times.

Change side and repeat the action on your left side. This is a very effective exercise to reduce fat from inner thighs.

Exercise To Reduce Inner Thighs (2)

Lying in the same position as mentioned above, fold your left leg and bring the knee close to the chest. Straighten the leg and again fold it to touch your chest with the knee. Do it in a constant rhythm 10 times. Repeat on your left side for equal amount of time.

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Exercise To Reduce Outer Thighs (1)

Do cycling either on a stationery cycle in the comfort of your home or go cycling outdoors and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Cycling helps to tone your thigh muscles and it makes them shapely.

Lie down on your back, keep your legs straight and place your arms along the sides. Lift both the legs fold the knees and bring them close to the chest, unfold the legs and move them forward. This is a cycling movement, do it 10 times inside and 10 times in reverse direction to reduce thunder thighs. People suffering from back pain should do it with each leg separately.

Exercise To Reduce Outer Thighs (2)

Performing lunges also help to lose weight from outer thighs quickly. Stand straight with your feet hip width apart. Move one foot forward while bending your knee, the other leg should remain straight behind you.Keep your torso upright without bending your waist, shoulders or neck. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds; straighten your body and repeat on other side. Complete 5 rounds on each side to reduce thunder thighs. Along with exercise you should eat a healthy and nutritious diet to maintain your ideal weight and to reduce thunder thighs.


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