4 Ways To Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Do you dream of six pack abs? Do you crave for tight core muscles and tried everything for that perfect toned look? Well, if you are still trying and almost lost hope, here are a few simple ways which will help you to strengthen your core muscles effectively.

You do not have to rush to the gym everytime or starve yourself – just follow these simple exercises and get the abs which you always craved for.

4 Core Muscles Strengthening Exercises

Trunk Rotation

Sit on the floor keeping your back straight. Legs need to be flat just in front of you. Now cross your hands in front of your chest. Slowly rotate your trunk and try to make a 45 degrees to your right.

You will be able to feel abdominal contractions. This position can be held for 4-6 seconds. If you need additional resistance, try to push the left shoulder to a neutral position while you are rotating your trunk. Repeat this 4-6 times as per your comfort level.

Lower Abdominal Cross

Start by lying flat in a way that your left side is just next to the wall. Now, bend your right knee and slowly cross it just over your other leg. Just ensure that you keep your right foot on the ground -this is very important. You can now move your thigh just across your body till you can feel your knee touching the wall.Check that your right hip is above the floor now. You will be able to feel your abdominal muscles contracting. If you feel the need for more resistance, try to puss your knee towards the wall. Try to be at this position for at least 4-6 seconds. Repeat this for at least 4 times and as you are comfortable, increase the number of repetitions as per your comfort level.

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Back Twist

You have to be flat on your back. Your left side needs to be just next to the wall. Ensure that your legs are straight and together. Once ready, you need to angle them slowly towards your left side at around 10 degrees.

Now, slowly rotate this left leg inwards as much as you are able to. Stay in this position for around 4-6 seconds. Repeat this for at least 5 times with each side. Do not forget to rest for at least 10 seconds so as to not over-strain yourself. As you get used to it, you can increase the number of repeats with each set.

Knee Fold Tuck

Sit tall. Keep your hands on the floor and have your knees bent. Squeeze a ball between your knees and slowly lift knees so that your sheens remain parallel to the floor. Now, you can extend your arms. Once done fold your knees and pull  towards the shoulder. Your upper body has to be still. After 3-4 seconds bring your knees back to the original position. This can be repeated at least 15 times.So, do you still feel that getting those perfect muscles is the privilege of a few? Just go for it and you will love your body.

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