5 Build Leg Muscles For Women With These Effective Tips


Are your legs getting thick ladies? Women have to swear off skinny jeans, shorts and skirts when pudgy ankles and upper legs make their legs appear shorter. But it doesn’t have to be forever.

There are a few simple ways through which, toned and lean legs can be achieved.

5 Leg Muscle Building Tips For Women

Why Women Have More Fat On Their Legs

It’s the ladies who have the tendency to store fat on their legs. Though most of the times it is on the upper and mid things, some women just have more fat deposit on their legs.

‘Cankles’ or calves that stop slimming is the dreaded topic of discussion amongst women. Even women who are just a little above their healthy weight range can get cankles whereas men typically don’t get fat ankles unless they are extremely overweight.

Exercises For Slimming Legs

Unlike men, most women want lean and muscular legs. You can slim down your legs with two steps. Extra body fat that pads the legs must be lost and leg muscles have to be toned for building lean muscles.

For losing body fat, there is a proven formula: Get lean leg muscles through strengthening and toning exercises and burn off more calories than what are consumed with exercise.

Cardio And Strength Training

A combo of strength training and cardio exercise identifies the best slimming routine. Any cardio can do the job so people can choose what they want and follow it. Focus more on exercises that target your legs if you wish to get skinny legs fast.

Jog on sand or in the swimming pool, tread water or ride a bicycle or go to the gym to use stair-climbing machines, treadmill or cross-trainer. On a daily basis, do your chosen exercise for 20 to 30 minutes but let your body recuperate by taking small breaks.

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Muscle Building Equipment

Leg machines at the gym target your hip and flexors, calves and inner and outer thighs, which can give you skinny legs. Wall sits, lunges and leg lifts are some classic exercises that can be tried at home. 3 sets of 30 leg lifts for each leg should be done initially.

Different areas of your abdomen and leg are targeted by front and side leg lifts but they are really useful.For 15 seconds at a time, people should hold their position in wall sits and increase gradually. When thighs don’t support or tremble, then one should stop.

Diet For Muscular Legs

Nutrition is as important as exercise for weight loss purposes. Too much insulin is often produced by some foods like those that include corn syrup or sugar. Excessive insulin leads to a greater appetite which leads to weight gain and this means disaster.

Opt for unsaturated fats rather than saturated ones as they are good for the heart as well. Opt for healthy carbs rather than giving them up altogether. Fruits high in water and fiber, dark green vegetables and bread and pasta made from whole grains have beneficial complex carbs.

Don’t forgo eggs as whole! They actually aid in weight loss and aren’t harmful for your cholesterol; this has been proved through research. Go for green tea rather than coffee and eat three servings of dairy daily. Green tea leaves and calcium burn fat quickly too.

By swimsuit season, you’ll have skinny and muscular legs with the right combo of diet and exercise.


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