5 Tools to Make Your Weight Loss Journey Easier


Fitness ToolsIf you read fitness or health magazines, your head is probably spinning from the dozens of advertisements telling you about the latest and greatest fitness accessories. To make your weight loss journey as easy as possible, we have chosen five tools that we think everyone can benefit from.

1. Awesome Shoes

High quality, appropriate shoes are the most fundamental tool to help you along your fitness journey. A great pair of shoes will help keep your body safe doing all of your favorite activities. There are shoes designed especially for walking, running, sports, or cross training shoes. A reliable and comfortable pair of shoes will help protect your body from certain injuries as well as encourage you to exercise more.

2. Powerful Blender

Having a well-equipped kitchen will ensure that you are always able to cook up a delicious and healthy meal. One piece of equipment you don’t want to miss out on is a powerful blender. Blenders will help you whip up a quick, low calorie shake so you can have a healthy meal any time without even turning on the oven. Some types of blender cups even function as to-go cups so you will never feel the need to swing by the drive thru again.

3. Activity Tracker

Activity trackers like the Fitbit or the Apple Watch aren’t as necessary as a good pair of shoes or blender, but they can really take your weight loss to the next level. Basic models track things like steps taken and activity level, but they are becoming incredibly sophisticated and certain models can now track the quality of your night’s rest, stairs climbed, and heart rate. The Apple Watch even has a feature that reminds you to stand up and move if you have been sitting for an hour straight. Small changes like taking five minutes to stand up and stretch your legs a few times a day can have a huge impact on your health.

4. Foam Roller

Recovering properly will keep your body working more efficiently, and without pain. A foam roller is a tool that is used for self myofascial release – basically giving yourself a massage. When you have sore muscles from working out, foam rolling can help bring blood flow to the area and decrease recovery time, and it can also help reduce muscle tension in general.

5. Reliable scale

Facing the scale on a regular basis can help us stay in “reality” about our weight. It helps keep weight a number on the scale verses a “feeling”. It is an objective measure that is impacted by our eating and exercise habits. When we avoid the scale, we tend to avoid making the necessary changes needed to produce the results we are seeking. Weighing in gives us a “starting point” as well as an opportunity to track our progress and reinforce our commitment to our weight loss journey. During the weight loss phase of your program, we recommend weighing in 1-2 times per week. Of course, you need a reliable scale to be able to accurately assess weight change from week to week.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and certain tools can make it even easier. While not all of these items are completely necessary, you are setting yourself up for success by having a good pair of shoes, a blender that you love, and technology that can help you track other aspects of your health in addition to your body weight.



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