5 Ways To Get Six Pack Abdomen


You want to get cool and sexy six pack abdomen? Well surely not a difficult task, but one which requires effort, time and dedication. It is a simple concept which one needs to implement to get six pack abs. It is important to fist build the muscle and followed by losing the fat.

However toned one’s body might be, the six pack abdomen would not show in case there is a layer of fat on it. There are various exercises which one can do to get six pack abs.

5 Way To Build Six Pack Abs At Home

Know The Basics

Well it is important to understand the functions of the abs. The primary job of abs, as popularly known is not to curl but work in conjunction with back muscles for maintenance of the straight and upright posture.

Thus, exercises of the abs, which need to be undertaken should be such that they support the spine. Remember those suffering from neck pain, backaches or other spinal problems should consider an expert.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts and squats prove to be a good option in this case. Moreover, it also helps in further fat reduction.

Basically this is lifting weight from the ground, without jerking, in a smooth motion. This is a part of the squat and bench press canonical. Start with lighter weights and then move up the ladder. This is a great way to enhance muscles too.


Basic crunches, along with some twists, also prove to be a great way to get six pack abs. Similarly there are various other exercises variations to this, which one can follow. These would include sits ups, leg lifts, jack knife sit ups, v-ups, static positions of holding and for the side and many more. These exercises help in strengthening the muscles and fat reduction of the abs.


After working on the above mentioned exercises it is important to train the oblique muscles as well. These are the muscles that are on either side of the stomach. Twisting proves to be a good way to reduce the side muscles of the abs.

Moreover, doing weights is very essential to build on the muscle and power. These exercises and many more will help one get ripped and create the wash board which one dreams of.  All of this will help you in losing fat on the abdominal region and build muscles.

Healthy Diet

It is important that one reduces calorie intake by decreasing the size of each meal. A large breakfast followed by a moderate lunch and a smaller quantity for dinner is an ideal day.

Larger dinner reduce the metabolism rate. It is very essential that one has a proper intake of water and other fluids which help in flushing out toxins and burning of fat. A healthy diet along with increase in activity levels can do well for losing the excess fat.

Also try to

  • Increase reps with time
  • Opt for breathing exercises
  • Do stretches for better posture
  • Make sure you warm up and cool down after every session

Thus, getting those attractive six pack abs might not be difficult but the time, perseverance and patience in the process would surely prove be a deadly task!


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