5 Ways To Tone Your Arm Muscle


We hate flabby arms but often sulk believing that no matter how hard we try, getting perfectly toned arm muscles is not in our hands. Well, do not lose hope!

Now, you can get rid of that excess flab and get that perfectly toned arm muscle which you always admired and craved for. So, here are some easy ways to get that perfectly toned arm muscle.

5 Toning Your Arm Muscle


The most popular and simple exercise recommended by most fitness experts to tone arms is by using dumbbells. You can get rid of excess fat without having to spend dollars or rushing to the gym again and again. You need to have dumbbells at home and decide the right weight.

You need to put your arms completely straight in the air and then slowly bend them behind your head. This needs to be done repeatedly but slowly if you are not much used to weight training. You can increase the counts as per your comfort level. Toning your arm muscle can not be easier without this.

Body-Weight Dips

You will need a dip machine for this exercise or you can use a bench too. Start by holding your body up while keeping your elbows locked. Slowly lower your body  till your elbows are at an angle of 90 degree. Remember to keep your head straight while you start going back to your starting position. Keep repeating as many times as you can. You will be able to see results within three months.


A great exercise which can be done at home for all those who do not have the time to visit a gym. This exercise works excellently to tone your arms and get rid of excess fat from the area.

If you are starting with pushups try by doing just 10 in a day and slowly increase the count as your body gets used to the exercise. Women who try push ups can keep their knees on the ground in the beginning and slowly work up as they are comfortable.

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Canoeing Or Kayaking

If you do not wish to hit the gym and looking forward to something fun even when you are holidaying, then canoeing is just perfect for your arm muscles. Enjoy fresh air and have fun while you tone your arms. Spend 40-50 minutes in a day and you will have perfectly toned arms in a short time. Enjoy and stay fit at the same time.

Wide Parallel Grip Pull Up

You will need a parallel grip bar for this exercise. You need to hold on this bar and let your palms face each other while you hang carefully.

Try to pull your body up while your chest is out. You will have to reach your chin as much as you can. Do not over-strain yourself while you are doing this exercise or you might hurt yourself.

Start with any one of these exercises or combine two or three of these and enjoy perfectly toned arms in no time.

5 Ways To Tone Your Arm Muscle


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