6 Exercises To Keep Fit In Your 50s


Physical fitness is required at any age whether you are in your teens or twenties or thirties you must strive to keep fit always. Keeping fit in 50s in no different. In fact, if you have been leading an active life throughout then you will sail through any decade smoothly.

There are certain physiological changes that take place at the age of 50 that might affect your overall fitness level. Women go through their menopausal stage and they have to deal with pre and post menopausal effects. Men also tend to become moody, emotional or they may feel less active due to hormonal changes in the body.

Keeping fit in your 50s is not difficult and first of all do not let your age play on your mind. You may follow the tips mentioned below to keep fit in your 50s.

6 Exercises To Keep Fit In Your 50s

Regular Exercise

If you are already following a regular exercise routine, you can continue to do so in your 50s. But if you are a beginner then you must consult a fitness trainer before embarking on an exercise programme. There are certain exercises that should be a part of your physical fitness regime to keep fit in your 50s.

Strength Training Exercises

As you grow old, you tend to lose muscles mass and become prone to osteoporosis. This is due to loss of bone density which weakens the bones and cause brittle bones. Strength training exercises help to strengthen the muscles that support bones and help to maintain healthy and strong bones.

Weight training at the gym, swimming and cycling are good strength training activities for people in their 50s. They help to tone muscles, control blood sugar level and high blood pressure. Strength training exercises lowers cholesterol level and prevents heart ailments. These exercises should be done under professional guidance to avoid injury and muscle strain.

Stretching Exercises

As your age advances you experience stiffness in the joints, which happens due to degeneration of cartilage and reduced fluids in the joints. You feel stiff especially after staying in a position for a prolonged period of time. Stretching exercises improve flexibility of the muscles and increase the range of motion to help to perform your work comfortably. Stretching helps to lubricate the joints and removes stiffness.

Yoga Asanas are especially beneficial to keep your body flexible and agile. Yoga helps you to maintain body balance. Pilates and Tai Chi are other activities that help you to improve flexibility.

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Aerobic Activities

A sedentary lifestyle weakens the function of your lungs, especially when you enter in your fifth decade. The capacity to use oxygen is reduced and you may experience breathlessness and exhaustion by doing the slightest physical activity. Aerobic exercises improve your cardiac health and they build stamina and boost energy.

They help you to perform your daily activities effortlessly. Brisk walking, jogging and cycling are good aerobic workouts that can be easily performed anywhere.


Spare 5-10 minutes time for Meditation to reduce stress. Stress is the major killer among people in their 50s. Meditation helps to manage stress and relieve tension.

Manage Weight

You must maintain an ideal weight to keep fit in your 50s. Make certain dietary changes in your daily diet to include enough calcium, vitamins, iron and other nutrients to maintain an active lifestyle.



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