7 Easy Exercises To Lose Weight


Exercising is one of the most effective ways to Lose Weight Right exercise helps you build muscle and lose annoying extra bulges from your body. In the era of information technology it has become very necessary to carve out sometime for regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many health experts advice that adding 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine accompanied by a healthy diet can yield impressive weight loss results. Following are some easy, fun and effective exercises that we have compiled for you, so put on your training pants and get ready to sweat it out.

Top 7 Easy Exercises To Lose Weight


Many people suffer from bulky lower body and doing squats is an excellent way to tone lower body parts. This one simple exercise affects the muscles of hip, glutes and thighs and gives you three in one result. Add some weight with it and it turns into a total body workout firming your upper and lower body at the same time. Do 3 set of 12 simple squats a day and you will notice the difference in as soon as the very first week. So without further ado let’s get to the exercise.Stand with leg shoulder width apart bring your arm in front of your chest while keeping the palm in up word direction.

Bend down like you would while sitting on a chair, count to 3 and come back to your previous position. Inhale as you go down and begin to exhale as you come back to the top.If you are a beginner then place a chair behind you and perform the squat by pretending to sit on the chair. Bend down and stop from few inches away from the chair wait for 2-3 second and come back to your standing position. Do 12 repetition rest for 15 second and perform two more sets of squats. The exercise will melt away the extra fat and built healthy muscle in the body. However keep in mind to not put any pressure on the knee while using heavy weight with squat as it may cause knee injury.


One of the most interesting ways to trim your body is swimming. Splashing in the water may sound like fun but balancing your body to make it float in the water involves a lot of muscular exercise. Swimming engages your arms, legs and your middle section to give you a total body workout and strengthen your muscles. Spending an hour in the pool doing up and down laps can help you lose up to 800 calories at a time. Buy a fancy bikini and hit the pool you might be surprise how soon you might need a new pair for your slimmer body.


Talk about and easy and effective workout. Riding a bike around the town is always fun but we you don’t have time for that hit the one at the gym and see how fast you start to sweat. You can start with 15-20 minutes daily and raise the pressure little at a time.

Once you build up the stamina to continue for 30 minutes raise the bar by increasing the inclination and try to take it to one hour. You can easily burn 800-1000 calories with this simple exercise. Plug in some music and go on a healthy ride.


Jogging is one of the most popular and feels good exercises. It is not so harsh, easy and fun way to stay in shape. Jogging not only sculpts your legs and arms but the breath of fresh air touching your face gives you a feeling of freshness. Stroll in the greens gives you an opportunity to bind with nature while keeling yourself healthy. Daily meeting with the nature and jogging for one hour may help you lose 500 calories or more a day. Don’t forget to get the right shoes though as this exercise may put pressure on your knees and toes.


Undoubtedly, the most amusing way to maintain weight is dancing. Perhaps that is why the video exercise market is crowded with the dancing exercise DVDs that promises to help you lose weight. And the beauty of this exercise is it doesn’t even feel like an exercise.

One doubt that most people have about these dancing exercise is that it only work for people who knows how to dance but the truth is totally contrary. You don’t need to be a perfect dancer to get the benefit out of the dancing exercises.

Choose a suitable Dance Exercise DVD and just move your body with the beat and see yourself shedding pounds. Dancing is an enjoyable way to lose weight, you can also invite some friends to join you and add some crazy dance moves to make it a more fun.

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It might not be the tradition way of exercise but it defiantly an interesting way to get your workout done. This cardio work is becoming very popular in the younger generation. While your regular cardio address only some part of upper or lower body this workout sculpt many trouble part of the body and built strong muscles in those areas.

This intense multi-workout exercise tones your arms, legs, shoulders, thighs and butts at the same time. Punching your arms and legs helps you burn fat and relieve your stress. The kicks and punches you perform in kickboxing can lead you to lose up to 800-1000 calories in the time span of just 45 minutes.

Jump Rope

A tiny workout equipment jump rope has big benefits when it comes to weight loss. Jump roping for 15-20 minutes a day gives you a powerful cardio workout and give you beautiful upper and lower body. The best thing about this workout is that it can be performed at the comfort of your own home. So whenever you have time pick up the nylons and burn easy 300 calories in just 30 minutes.

Note: Some of these exercises are intense and can raise some health risks. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routine and see if your heart is healthy enough for rigorous exercise. People with arthritis should consult their doctor before starting any of these exercises as some of them can have severe damage to the joints in arthritis patients.


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