7 Simple and Effective Neck Exercises

Tight neck muscles often occur due to injury, poor posture and daily living. Muscle tightness can be reduced with these four exercises. These exercises can be done while seated or lying on the back (for additional support). It is vital to do these exercises so that you can avoid long term injuries.

These are also very beneficial for those who have to sit for long hours in front of the computer or have jobs that require a lot of concentration, thus strain on the neck. The exercises are:

7 Effective Exercises For The Neck

Puckered Lips

Lips should be kept close, look at the ceiling by sitting upright and tilting your head back. Pucker your lips in a kiss and stretch it as if you want to touch the ceiling. For 10 counts, keep the lips puckered. Relax and sit back. This exercise should be done 5 times.

Head Tilting

Tilting your head back to look at the ceiling while sitting upright and starting a chewing movement, but keeping your lips closed is a great exercise. Do it 20 times as it gives amazing results because it works the muscles of the throat and neck.

Tilting With Tongue Out

Tilt your head back to look at the ceiling while sitting upright and keep your lips relaxed and closed. Stick out your tongue as if you want the tip to touch your chin. For 10 counts, keep your tongue out in this position and then return to normal position.

Variations Of The Above

Look at the ceiling by tilting your head back and sitting upright. Lips should be closed. Lower lip should be moved over the top lip as far as possible and should be kept there for 5 counts. Repeat this 5 times. Keep your head over the edge when lying on your bed. Bring the head towards the torso slowly and count till 10. Lower your head again and relax. Do this 5 times.

The above mentioned exercises are general but some advanced ones are listed as follows:

Front and Back Isometric Neck Exercises

Place your hands flat on your forehead for the front exercise. Against your hand, push your forehead forward. The key to this exercise is not creating tension in the neck muscles by allowing your forehead to move forward. For 10 seconds, continue pushing and then relax.

Clasp your hands behind the head for the rear exercise. Against your hands, push your head back. Constant tension in your neck muscles should not be created by pushing your head back. Relax after 10 seconds and switch to the front exercise.

Sides Isometric Neck Exercise

On the side of your head, place your right hand flat. Push your head against the hand. Constant stress in the neck muscles should not be created due to pushing. Relax and switch to the left side after 10 seconds count.

Plate Neck Resistance Lying Face Down

On a flat bench, lie face down and keep your chest at the top. This means that your head and neck will be extended over the bench.

Use both hands to hold a lightweight on the back of your head around 2.5 pounds or less. Use your neck muscles to lift your neck up slowly as high as possible. Repeat after returning to the start position.

Do 3 sets of these with repetitions for all of the above. Go for 8 to 12 reps, but after every set, try increasing the weight. Between each set, take rest for 2 to 3 minutes.

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