Best Ways To Build Bigger Arm Muscles

Want to build muscles that are bigger and stronger? Good nutrition is necessary for building and maintaining arm muscles. So diet should be controlled. If people are consuming excessive fatty foods, they can do muscle building exercises and lift weights for months without results.

However, along with diet, there are a list of exercises that you must do to target the core muscles of the arm. Here are some of the best arm muscle exercises-

5 Best Workout For Building Big Arms

Target Both Biceps And Tricpes

Training biceps and triceps muscles is essential for bigger arms. People who wish to get bigger arms often make the mistake of building their biceps muscles only for this purpose. They indulge in countless sets of bicep curls and reps and simply waste their time.

Concentrating on the triceps muscles is the best and the quickest way of getting bigger arms. The reason behind this is that the upper arm is made up of two thirds of triceps muscle. Three parts make up the triceps muscle; originating at the scapula is the long head, originating at the back of the arm (humerus) is the lateral head and originating a little lower than the lateral head, but on the humerus is the short head. All pushing exercises make use of the triceps muscle.


If you are really advanced, you can do dips on gymnastic rings or use dip station and parallel bars. Below are the diagrams of the best exercises to get bigger arms. However, when doing dips, don’t lower yourself below the point your triceps become parallel to the ground. Your shoulders will be unnecessary stressed if you go lower and can lead to a severe injury. If you get injured, it will be difficult to build muscles fast and get bigger arms.

Bench Press And Broad Press

Bench press with a reduced range of motion or its variation is another exercise to build muscle fast in the triceps and get bigger arms. The triceps are targeted by the top half of the bench press. Therefore, when training for bigger arms, the range of motion has to be limited. You can ask a workout buddy to hold two by fours on your chest or use a power rack to set pins. Board presses is the name given to this action.

For getting bigger arms and building muscle fast, three to five board presses are enough. Every muscle building routine should include them as they build huge triceps. Board presses should be made your triceps movement when you can’t go heavy on dips without risking an injury in the shoulder as you are too strong. For getting bigger arms, your light triceps exercise should be dips.

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Push Ups And Downs

Push downs and pushups should be practiced. Push-downs are the exact opposite of pushups. The pushup position should be used to begin with. The floor and your upper arms should be made parallel by lowering your body. For a few seconds, hold this position and then extend your arms by pushing yourself up.

Free Weights

Build biceps by using free weights at home. You can do bicep curls with anything and anywhere. Free weights of 5 to 15 should be used. You can use water bottles, books or any other thing as substitute if you don’t own weights. Keep the weight or object in your hand and stand upright. Your arm has to be curled towards your chest. This action has to be done 12 to 15 times twice.

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