Cats and music: what you should know

As people we love music, yet do our felines feel something similar? Discover how your fuzzy companion feels about music and the exploration behind it with Purina.

We as a whole prefer to satisfy our pets, and we’ve all seen those lovable YouTube recordings of our #1 whiz kitties shaking out on the piano!

Paying attention to music can give mental incitement, a feeling of happiness, or even only a loosening up foundation vibe—for people! So it’s a good idea that we would need to share one of our #1 side interests with our pets—yet do felines like music? What’s more, would they say they are getting anything out of paying attention to it?

Do felines like music?

Have you at any point attempted to play your main tune for your feline? You may have seen that, regardless of how hard the beat drops, your feline shows almost no interest in the music that you are playing to them.

In uncommon conditions, a few felines have discovered explicit music to quiet. Infrequently, feline asylums will decide to play exemplary music to their occupants, accepting that it makes a relieving air. Even though felines don’t flee from music (except if you turn it up exceptionally boisterous!), there isn’t a great deal of proof to show that this is the situation. If the felines paying attention to traditional music are lying around having a nap, almost certainly, they were prepared for a catnap, instead of hushed to rest by any semblance of Mozart!


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