How Significant Are Detox Diets For Weight Loss


How significant are Detox diets for weight loss

Detoxification diets or commonly called as detox diets are getting more and more popular, owing to their commitments for cleansing the body from toxins, making an individual more energy rich and helping one achieve a considerable weight loss. Although, these are not always designed for lowering weight, but one of the many positive outcomes of detox diet include losing weight.However, a detox diet is not a long term solution for weight loss but an effective solution for short duration weight loss.

Is There A Need For A Detox Diet?

The ideology of a good detox diet is to consume natural and pure form foods that inturn boost efficiency of all vital organs like liver, kidneys and lymph.In our daily lives, we get exposed to large proportions of poisonous or toxic substances in forms of processed food items, strong chemicals, pollution and medications. This buildup of non favorable products in the body need to be effectively removed, to make our systems more efficient, increase the metabolic rate that inturn promotes weight loss, raise energy levels and general well being.

Detox Diets For Weight Loss Tips

Recommended Detox Diet For Weight Loss

Basic detox diets follows a natural way of doing it and emphasize on fasting with low calorie organic foods, whole foods(seeds, nuts, and grains), intake of more amount of vegetables and fruits, increasing water content and using certain herbs as detoxifying supplements like milk thistle seed, psyllium seed, gentian root, yucca root and licorice root.

Additionally, one need to avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, refined and processed foods, added sugars and supplements that contain additives or preservatives.Few detox diets promote specific food supplement ranges or pills, colonic or intestinal cleansing methods and enemas.

Detox Diet Offers A Short Term Solution For Weight Loss

Detox diet are not a permanent solution and often accompanied by risks in those without a very active lifestyle, underlying health issues, children and women, more profoundly pregnant women.It is beneficial to achieve weight loss that remains maintained as long as detox diet is continued. Once an individual reverts back to the earlier diet plan, he/she may regain the lost weight. Sustaining on a low calorie diet for long term is not beneficial as diet needs to be advocated according to health changes and situational hazards.

Sticking to a detox diet risks one to attain a slow metabolism than before and body may enter into a starvation mode. Additionally, detox diets are not nutritionally complete or balanced that may lead to deficiency diseases of one or the other form.For removing toxins, the body is having an efficient system of liver, intestines and kidneys that is capable of removing all toxic wastes, provided we support them with nutritional foods and fluids.

Benefits Of A Detox Diet For Weight Loss

Detox diet should be a part of weight loss program as one of the initial phases, but necessarily need to be followed with nutritional dietary intake alongside as per an individuals’ body and health needs.High intake of vegetables and fruits helps to cleanse the body and using a low fat and high fiber food keeps the digestive system strong and healthy.

A good hydration with plenty of water keeps the toxic load diluted that gets easily thrown out through our efficient excretory system.Refraining from use of processed and canned foods keeps one free from added fats and sugars. The perfect combination surely helps one to reduce all excess weight in the earliest possible way.

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Safety Issues Of A Detox Diet

Persons on a low calorie detox diet for weight loss may undergo low blood sugar levels, tiredness, muscle aches, nausea, and dizziness with lack of energy. If continued for long, it may cause severe problems of mineral and vitamindeficiencies, electrolyte imbalances with serious danger to life.

Detox diets does not consider the lifestyle factors, stress level and other important health affecting attributes of life, putting one at risk of being over drained or mentally unfit. All detox diets need to be followed under complete supervision of a health practitioner and one must avoid intense physical activities during his/her detox diet program.

Healthy Weight Loss

A specific diet is not suitable for all and a healthy weight loss includes losing 1 – 2 pounds every week, which can be attained by maintaining intake of calories below the metabolic consumption and involving in physical activities to support better digestion. Diet low in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates and rich in whole grains, fibers, fresh fruits and veggies is the optimum requirement for a healthy life.


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