Top 7 Pre Work Out Exercises

For any workout, warm up exercises are vital. Circulation can be promoted as well as injury can be prevented by preparing the joints and muscles for more intense activity.

The muscles become more receptive to strenuous activity and get flexible through warm up exercises as they increase the body temperature. It is also advised by some experts that even before stretching, one should indulge in warm up exercises. The heart rate should be increased by warm up exercises, but not the way it is boosted in the workout.

7 Best Pre Work Out Exercises


Begin with marching on the spot and then move back and forth. Along with your steps, pump your arms up and down, but keep the fists loose and elbows bent.

Knee Lifts

In 30 seconds after marching, do 30 knee lifts. Alternate knees should be brought up to touch the opposite hand when doing knee lifts. Back should be kept straight and abs should be tight. The supporting leg should be bent slightly.

Rolling Shoulders

March on the spot for doing shoulder rolls. The arms should be kept lose at the sides and shoulders should be rolled five times forwards and five times backwards.

Spot Walking

Muscle core temperature is increased via rhythmic limbering, which prepares the joints and muscles for strenuous activity. The arm should be raised towards the ceiling and each knee should be lifted alternately.

Abdominals should be kept tight, spine should be straight and lifting should be done from the hip socket. Your weight should be over your heels, on your hips. Lengthen the waistline by keeping an arm up. Do 3 sets with 8 counts each.

Quad Stretching

Pull your heel up and back by grasping your ankle and keep doing it until the front of your thigh stretches. Leaning to the side should be avoided in a quad stretch, knees should be kept together and spine straight.

The supporting leg should be bent slightly and one can lean on the wall. Do with both legs.

For The Upper Body

Keeps your palm face up and clasp your arms behind the back. Back should not be arched and chest should stick out when you bring the shoulder blades together by pulling the hands down. Extend the arms in front round the back for doing a back stretch. Drop your head, keep palms in and clasp your hands together. Your shoulders will stretch when you try increasing the gap between your chest and hand.

Pre Work Out Stretching Exercises

When the blood flow and temperature in muscle is increased; it is the best time for stretching muscles as it prevents injury. Before stretching, one should do gradual aerobic exercises.

Remember that after exercise is the best time for stretching because the increase of blood in the muscles, they become pliable and warm. Gradually start warming up and focus on the muscles that will be used during strenuous exercises.

One should remember that experience, experimentation and practice will give the perfect warm up exercise. To find what is best for you, try warming up at different intensities and with varying exercises.

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