Utilization Of Jumping Rope To Lose Weight


Weight loss program insists on burning a large number of calories over a long duration. An ideal weight loss refers to losing 1 to 2 pounds in a week or losing at least 500 calories every day. For this rapid loss of weight, jumping rope is considered as one of the most successful high calorie consuming cardiovascular activities. Person of 160 pounds can burn 861 calories in just 60 minutes, by making use of jumping rope.

Though, it does not replace strengthening exercises but it is the best substitute for more cumbersome cardio exercises like biking and running. Jumping rope keeps the heart pumping, involves the core muscles and leg muscles to work in multiple muscle groups, to lose excess fat from the whole body.

Major Benefits Of Using Jumping Rope In Losing Weight

Complete Cardiovascular Workout

Jumping rope is an incredible cardiovascular workout, where the legs propel the body up, the arms get strengthened with periodic movements, and the heart rate spikes up, resulting in high metabolism. It is the most efficient and a full body cardio program that involves various groups of muscles, making it tougher, but at the same time effective for building up stamina and losing weight successfully.

The body does not undergo such varied movements in one go under usual exercise routine and hence one needs to be fit to perform it. Jumping rope is a vicious circle of getting fit. To get fit, perform jumping rope and for doing jumping rope, first get fit.

Rapid Loss Of Weight

Jumping rope will tone and shape up the muscles of legs and arms. Even a regular skipping of 5 minutes will burn calories from calf muscles and shoulders, beyond what we could never expect. The muscles are getting fitter and since, a number of muscles including lower and upper body are involved at the same time, large amount of calories get burn in the process, making one achieve the goal of losing weight faster.

Less Time Consumption

Workout of jumping rope is very time efficient that can be easily managed by any of us in the busy routines. It needs to be done just for 15 minutes, four to six times a week. Perform initial light paced jumping for five minutes, followed by fast paced jumping for 30 seconds with alternate light paced jumping for 60 seconds. Repeat the fast paced and light paced jumping for five times.

Then relax, the jumping rope exercise is over for the day, in just 12.5 minutes. One may perform more of it, if one can do so comfortably but refrain from overdoing all in one go. One may gradually and progressively extend the duration and intensity of jumping rope as one gets accustomed to jumping routine and comes back in shape.For those, who wish to lose large amount of weight in short period of time, need to perform jumping rope for 20 to 30 minutes every day.

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Measures For Effective Weight Loss By Jumping Rope

Make sure to wear athletic shoes with good support and padding to absorb the high impact of continuous jumping. Never perform rope jumping on wooden floors, concrete floors, grass or carpet as these are less frictional surfaces with high probability of making one slip over.

Always jump with both feet together rather than one foot at a time to divide the high impact of jumping equally between both the legs and avoid any chance of injury. This is an additional benefit of jumping rope over running, where only one foot is involved at a time. Moreover, it burns more calories from the body over running.

If one feels a chest pain or heaviness or shortness of breath beyond the capacity, stop performing it. The body is not ready for it. Always do some warm up exercises before you begin and make body tuned gradually to tedious and fast paced jumping.

Make use of adjustable rope for skipping, which can be extended or shortened as per the requirement. For beginners, a segmented rope with foam handles is better as these provide good gripping and absorbs perspiration quite well.

Jumping Rope – A Big Hope For Women

Women usually possess heavy thighs and hips, but can get rid of their extra fat with help of jumping rope. Jumping rope helps to lose body excess fat from the entire body as it involves all major muscles. With frequent use of jumping rope, women have attained great shape and fitness.

Additionally, one needs to adjust the nutritional intake in accordance to the metabolic rate. For most effective jumping rope sessions for weight loss, one must consume energy lesser or equivalent to the required metabolic rate value.


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