What You Need To Know About Detox Diets


What You Need To Know About Detox Diets
It didn’t take long for detox diets to win the hearts of millions across the American
continent, and rightly so. Due to the effectiveness and benefits of a simple detox diet,
numerous countries beyond America adopted this new change in Nutrition. As people are
looking to lead healthier lives, the world’s acceptance of this new concept doesn’t come as a
However, is a detox diet really necessary? How does a detox diet benefit an individual?
First off, let us start by defining what a detox diet is.
Detox Diet Defined
We are exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis. From the water, we drink and the food
we eat to the very air that we breathe, toxins are everywhere. Toxins often include
preservatives, environmental pollutants and heavy metals just to name a few.
Granted, our bodies are designed to eliminate these toxins naturally. Yet, the more the
toxins in the body, the less capable it is to eliminate them. The build-up of toxins in our
bodies can weaken our immune systems considerably and lead to the development of lifethreatening
That being said, a detox diet is designed to help eliminate these harmful toxins and
compounds from our bodies. A detox diet, often short-term, should hence help restore your
body to its healthy state. Moreover, it should help improve your body’s ability to eliminate
the toxins.
According to a naturopathic doctor, Linda Page, ND, PhD, a detox diet is a way to renew,
rejuvenate and restore your body to its pristine state.
Detox diets often include fasting for a period of time, while others involve an intake of
vegetables and fruits either in solid or juice form. They all differ in terms of the method,
diet and duration.
Now, is a detox diet beneficial at all? Of course, it is. However, the detox diet that you
choose to partake in should be one that suits your particular needs. Hence, it is imperative
that you consult your doctor and a nutritionist before you proceed with any diet.
Given the popularity of detox diets, there are numerous books and the amount of
information available online that speak on detox diets. That said, interested individuals
often have a hard time when it comes to selecting the most suitable detox diet for them.
Again, this is why seeking medical advice is recommended.
Below, are a few of the benefits that come with a detox diet.
• Increased energy levels
• Slows down ageing
• Enhance the immune system
• Lose weight
• Mental clarity
What should you look for when choosing a detox diet? What factors make an effective detox
diet? Now, as previously mentioned, there are numerous detox diets available to us. They
are all different in a way, yet; they all have a few common factors. Let us take a look.
• Beverages: Swap your alcohol or coffee with herbal tea or fruit- infused water.
• Fruits and Vegetables: They contain a high amount of phytonutrients that aid in
improving the body’s immune system and prevent cell damage by neutralizing free
• Healthy Fats: Foods like Avocado, coconuts, Almonds contain healthy fat that the
body can benefit from.
• Bens and Legumes: They are good sources of fibre, protein and iron. These
nutrients are extremely beneficial to the body.
• Whole Grains: Stick to whole grains like Quinoa, Millet, Arrowroot and avoid
processed carbs such as white bread and cookies.
In conclusion, there are numerous detox diets available that have different approaches.
However, they all aim to eliminate harmful toxins from the body and improve a person’s
overall health. During a detox, ensure that you drink enough water and get enough sleep on
a daily basis.



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